Workshop Topics and Sample Class Schedule

We cover an array of topics during the workshop. The comprehensive agenda includes the entire home buying process from choosing what neighborhood is best for you to what is the purpose of a home inspection.

Workshop Topics
  1. Time to Buy
  2. Consumer Education/Budgeting
  3. Consumer Education/Credit
  4. How to Shop for a Home
  5. Choosing a Realtor & Negotiating a Sales Contract
  6. Inspecting the Property
  7. Down Payment Options
  8. Mortgage Application Process & Types of Mortgages
  9. Loan Closing Process
  10. Post Occupancy & Avoiding Mortgage Default

The classes are designed to help individuals:

1. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of homeownership
2. Understand the steps involved in buying a home
3. Prepare budgets and understand their credit
4. Become knowledgeable of mortgage and financing options
5. Identify purchase and sale contingencies that benefit the buyer
6. Understand the importance of a quality home inspection
7. Develop home maintenance schedules and safety tips
8. Understand other important topics relevant to homeownership