HomeFirst's certified professional counselors offer free, one-on-one confidential counseling to include:

  • Pre-purchase
  • Credit and Budget
  • Post-Occupancy
  • Mortgage Default

These sessions are designed to support information participants learned in the class and identify challenges that would prevent the client from becoming a homeowner. Current homeowners needing Mortgage Default Counseling are encouraged to contact us right away to begin the loss mitigation process. Clients have the option to schedule multiple sessions and are expected to meet as needed with a counselor.

Topics vary, but the following are the most consistent.


  1. Pre-purchase (home financing process)
  2. Minor Credit Issues
  3. Budgeting/Savings
  4. Lifestyle Adjustments
  5. Mortgage Pre-Qualification Process

The counselors discuss these topics thoroughly and provide real life examples and solutions. Many clients are expected to create a budgeting plan to restore troubled credit. The goal of these counseling sessions is to ensure that all clients understand financial literacy and are making the right decisions during the home purchase process.