Choosing a Realtor

One of the things you will learn in our workshop is that choosing a realtor can make or break your home buying experience. We have some helpful tips that will make your choice easier.

There are four basic types of Realtors: Seller Agents, Exclusive Buyer Agent (broker), Dual Agents (including non-exclusive buyer agents) and Transaction Brokers. So what do each of these realtors do?

Seller Agent

- Lists property and represents the seller. This broker works with the seller to ensure the seller’s needs are met. Any conversations that a future homebuyer has with the realtor can be communicated to the seller.

Exclusive Buyer Agent

- Represents homebuyer, never sellers. These agents are contractually obligated to get the best price and best terms for the homebuyer.

Dual Agents

- Dual agents are real estate agents whose company lists property, but act as a buyer agents on those properties. These agents are very controversial and many consumer advocates warn against using this type of agent.

Transaction Brokers

- These agents are known as facilitators, finders and statutory agents. Most consumer advocates recommend avoiding this type of agent.