Mortgage Pre-Qualification

HomeFirst is committed to making your home buying process as easy as possible. We strive to educate you and provide services to lessen the stress of purchasing a home. With that in mind, we have developed a Mortgage Pre-Qualification Program.

The Mortgage Pre-Qualification Program is designed to provide you with a dry run of the mortgage application process. You will complete the standard application, our certified counselors will review it and determine if you are ready for homeownership or need strategy development to resolve credit issues. By working with HomeFirst and testing the waters, we are making sure that you are well equipped and financially prepared for your new home. We can also use this information to help you determine how much house you can afford and recommend other resources to make your dreams come true.

The processing fee is only $50.00 and covers the cost of obtaining your tri-merge credit report. Once we have your credit analysis, one of our counselors can advise you of the next step toward homeownership - whether it will be to improve your credit or refer you to one of our banking partners.

By working with HomeFirst, we can ensure an easy transition from renter to homeowner.